My name is Lemonia Liberidu and I am an official translator and interpreter in the Greek, English and Dutch languages. I originally come from Thessaloniki in Greece, where I was born and raised, but the last 25 years I have lived and worked in the Netherlands.

During my studies, I already had the chance and luck to work in some very challenging and interesting industries; both in Greece and the Netherlands. This concerned either companies with export activities or software programmes, Dutch television, the Greek Consulate and the Greek Embassy. In 2014, I was a member of the examination board in the Netherlands for translators and interpreters in the Greek language. My first name, which is circulating more and more these days, has become my logo.

In order to be a translator or an interpreter, you need something more than a database with words; you need to know about your subject matter, to have the social and cultural background information and to know the particulars of the area in which a translation or an interpretation is going to be used.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience that I have gathered in my career, I am sure I can offer you just what you are looking for.

Magic. Changing the world with words.

Hey! That's what I do.

- Loesje.







Media, Festivals


Diaspora, Society


Do you need a highly experienced professional with in-depth knowledge of Greek and Dutch institutions?

People say that I am quick, responsive, friendly, customer-oriented, resulting in long-term business relations. MAIL ME

My Recommendations

“I met Lemonia Liberidu at an event where the Ambassador of Greece was present and other high-placed officials. She was one of those who organised this event and she was able to give the Office she worked for at the time (Rotterdam Greek Consulate), a friendly and professional 'face'. Being both charming and well-educated, she could play her role as organizing host in a natural manner. She is trustworthy, bright, and talented. A nice person to work for and with!” - Roy Borghouts Consultant and owner at Roy Borghouts HR-Advies
“Lemonia is a shining example of professionalism. Extremely knowledgable, flexible, results-oriented, with a pleasant disposition and very efficient. Lemonia also has that rare ability to enter a project, even at a late stage, and still be effective.” - Stefanos Kyriakou Sales Manager Germany & Austria / Vertriebsleiter Deutschland & Österreich at Atlas Copco
“Lemonia is a detail-oriented translator. She is very accurate in her work and she uses a broad network of professionals from different disciplines to deliver the best quality. So no matter if you need technical, legal or medical translations, she can do it.” - Alexandros Theodoropoulos Director Procurement Indirect Materials and Services EMEA at Flint Group
“I have collaborated twice with Lemonia and she provided me with excellent translate and mediation services. Lemonia is an enjoyable and reliable professional. Lemonia's flexibility and quick response are her strengths. Because of her deep knowledge in the Dutch market and culture combined with her strong communication skills Lemonia is an accurate and trustful partner.” - Katerina Alikaridou Principal Recruiter at Randstad Multilingual Recruitment


My services focus on the following


Official and unofficial translations Specialised translations of texts including legal, medical and commercial texts Journalistic articles, academic papers, literature Localization Subtitling


Interpreting during the signing of official deeds at the civil-law notary's office and meetings with: lawyers, consultants, doctors and other health-care professionals Interpreting in courts (in criminal, administrative, commercial and civil law) Telephone interpreting Interpreting/accompanying during international fairs or private meetings

of texts

Adjustments and reviews in the Greek, Dutch and English languages For the correction and review of translations of medical, legal and financial texts, I always engage experts in the relevant field Second opinion on texts


Consulting people on the best possible solution or approach in matters involving public authorities in Greece and the Netherlands In particular in matters regarding taxes, education, registration and military service


Mediation in contact with public authorities Representation of clients in their communication with all institutions in the language needed (NL-GR-EN).


For each service, there is a different way of calculating the price, depending on the kind of text, deadline, sector and level of expertise. The best way to estimate the price is to ask for a quotation. Please be sure that you give me a complete description of the service needed. I will reply at my earliest convenience.
Note: The cost of official and unofficial translations are usually based on a price per word. There are cases where the price is fixed for specific official documents (as is the case with certificates issued by the registry).
For interpretation/reviewing/consulting and mediation services, I charge a fee per hour or for a half or whole day.
In many cases, a minimum price applies.


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